What is El Education?

El Education is a national network of over 200 public schools that are redefining what’s possible in education. Our model is based on three essential principles:

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What is El Education?

El Education is a nonprofit organization that partners with schools to create exceptional learning experiences for all students. We work with public and charter schools in urban, rural, and suburban areas across the country, serving more than 60,000 students in over 200 schools.

El Education’s approach is based on four core principles:
-All students can achieve at high levels
-Academic and character development are inextricably linked
-Educators need ongoing development to deliver great instruction
-The joy of learning is essential for all students.

Our work has been recognized with some of the nation’s most prestigious awards, including the Harold W. McGraw, Jr. Prize in Education and the() Ashoka Changemakers Education for Empowerment prize.

History of El Education

El Education (formerly Expeditionary Learning) is a nonprofit education organization founded in 1991 by Outward Bound founder Kurt Hahn and clinical psychologist and educator Bill Green. El Education’s mission is to “create great public schools for every student.”

El Education’s approach is based on principles of expeditionary learning, which emphasize inquiry-based projects, student-centered learning, and community service. El Education’s schools have been recognized for their high levels of academic achievement, strong character development, and engaged community members.

El Education serves students in grades K-12 across the United States. The organization also provides resources and support to schools interested in implementing expeditionary learning.

The El Education Model

El Education is a national nonprofit school design and management organization founded in 1995. The organization works to create equity and excellence in education by partnering with schools and districts to design and implement an coherent, rigorous instructional program using students’ real-world projects as the core of learning.

The El Education Model has three essential components:
1) A focus on complex projects and problems that require students to grapple with significant questions, think deeply, and develop creative solutions;
2) intentional character development programs that help young people develop habits of perseverance, responsibility, teamwork, and other “dispositions of success”; and
3) a culture of adult excellence in which every teacher is both a leader and a learner, pursuing ongoing development through collaboration with colleagues.

El Education schools are characterized by high levels of student engagement and achievement, as well as deep implementation of the Model’s Essential Features. A wide range of research demonstrates the effectiveness of the El Education Model in promoting student academic growth, college readiness, and 21st century skills development.

El Education in the Classroom

El Education, formerly Expeditionary Learning, is a nonprofit education organization founded in 1991 by educational pioneers at Outward Bound and Harvard’s Graduate School of Education.

El Education’s approach to teaching and learning is based on real-world projects, experiential learning, expeditionary fieldwork, and a focus on character development. Through these elements, El Education students learn not only academic content but also critical thinking, teamwork, tenacity, and other skills and habits that prepare them for success in college and beyond.

El Education’s network of more than 200 public schools serving over 50,000 students across the United States is leading the way in proving that all children can achieve at high levels and succeed in school and life.

El Education and Student Achievement

El Education (formerly Expeditionary Learning) is a national non-profit organization that partners with public schools to provide high-quality, rigorous education to all students.

El Education’s approach combines rigor, relationship-building, and real-world learning experiences to deliver dramatic results in student achievement, graduation rates, and college enrollment. In fact, El Education schools have some of the highest rates of student achievement in the country.

El Education’s model has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, National Public Radio, and on NBC Nightly News.

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