Who Is The Commander, Naval Education And Training Command?

Similarly, Who is the Commander of Naval Service & training command?

Jennifer S. Couture, RDML

Also, it is asked, Who is the NSTC command master chief petty officer?

On July 29, Commander Jamie Sands of the Naval Service Training Command (NSTC) held a socially distant and disguised command master chief (CMC) change of charge ceremony at his headquarters.

Secondly, What is a Navy boot camp instructor called?

The instructors in the Navy are known as RDCs (Recruit Division Commanders). When you address an RDC as “Sir” or “Ma’am,” the recruit will pay more attention to you. The RDCs might address themselves as Chief Petty Officers or Petty Officers.

Also, Is Navy chain of command?

The Chain of Command, or C.o.C, in the United States Navy is an organizational structure that depicts how members of a unit or company report to one another. The organization of the naval chain of command is similar to that of an office, where one employee reports to a supervisor, who ultimately reports to a manager.

People also ask, What does XO stand for in Navy?

officer in charge

Related Questions and Answers

Who is the Area 12 Manager 2021?

Rustie Hibbard | LinkedIn | Area Manager, NJROTC Area TWELVE

Who is the area three manager?

Alistair Duff is a Three Area Manager on LinkedIn.

Who is the current chief of naval personnel?

John B. Nowell, Vice Admiral

What is tranet Navy?

“TraNET — the Navy’s electronic training network – is now being used by Guam and Japan, allowing for increased security,” added Burrows. “In addition, there are fewer people with system administrator access, which reduces the risk of security breaches.” San Diego’s Training Support Center (TSC) announced in January.

Do you call a drill sergeant sir?

Recruits in the USAF, USMC, and USCG address drill instructors as “sir” or “ma’am” (for the first few weeks of basic training, until recruits are instructed to refer to their company commanders by their proper rank).

What does the Navy call their drill sergeants?

Let’s go through the various names for the individual who’s shouting at you in each area of service right now. Drill sergeants is how the army refers to them. Recruit division commanders, or RDCs, are the navy’s term for them. Military training instructors (MTIs) or simply TIs is how the Air Force refers to them.

Can a drill sergeant hit you?

Except this is the new Army, and drill sergeants can no longer be cursing, shouting, nasty creatures. They are no longer allowed to slap, strike, kick, punch, or call privates names.

Who is the highest ranking officer in the Navy?

Admiral (sometimes known as full admiral or four-star admiral) is the highest rank in the United States Navy.

Who is second in command on a Navy ship?

the chief executive

Can XO relieve captain?

Captain, I relieve your command,” the XO says. This is a very startling development, since one thing Scott omitted out of our complete immersion in naval protocol was the possibility that the XO may seize command of the submarine.

What Navy rank commands an aircraft carrier?


Who is the naval science instructor 2021?

Our Senior Naval Science Instructor is Lieutenant Colonel Knudson (SNSI). He oversees the Navy JROTC Program at Allatoona High School and teaches the NS2 through NS4 curriculum for SY 2021-2022.

What is the rank of your senior naval science instructor?

One of the teachers may be a former member of the Marine Corps or Coast Guard who is licensed by the Navy to serve in the NJROTC program, at the school’s discretion. SNSIs (Senior Naval Science Instructors) are commissioned officers who teach naval science (W2 through O6).

What is the highest rank in Njrotc?

O-5 | Cadet Commander (c/CDR) Assigned to the Battalion Commanding Officer; the cadet corps’ highest position. The collar device consists of five gold bars that are affixed to the collar.

Who is the Njrotc area 8 Manager?

Mike Mullen, CDR

How many Njrotc areas are there?

In high schools throughout the United States and abroad, there are now over 600 NJROTC groups.

What is a Njrotc area manager?

NJROTC area managers are field representatives for the Naval Service Training Command and are the primary point of contact for regional NJROTC program difficulties. Area managers are in charge of ensuring that area NJROTC units comply with all legislative and Navy regulatory standards, as well as providing Navy program control.

What is Njrotc Leadership Academy?

The Leadership Academy is meant to assist train and inspire incoming juniors and seniors for prospective leadership roles in their respective Units. Leadership Academy is a physically, emotionally, and psychologically challenging program, but it is also a tremendously rewarding one.

How much money does a retired Navy chief make?

Salary of a Retired Chief Petty OfficerJob TitleSalary of a Retired Chief Petty OfficerUS Navy Retired Chief Petty Officer salary – 2 salaries reported$74,973/yr Retired Chief Petty Officer salaries in the US Coast Guard – 1 salary reported$75,064/yr

What rank is a senior chief petty officer?


Who is the Njrotc Area Manager 2021?

Jimmie Miller, Department of the Navy’s NJROTC Area Manager | LinkedIn

What time do you wake up in Navy boot camp?

Recruits will next be subjected to a mandatory urine drug test. Normal days will begin at 0600 (6 a.m.), with a loud whistle to rouse all recruits, and end at 2200 (lights out) (10 p.m.). The lights go down at precisely 10 p.m.


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